FEATURES contributions FAQ

The following Q&A should hopefully answer your questions. If not that’s a welcome excuse for a chat! Get in touch at features@mysitspot.com



You don’t need to have 34 stamps in your passport, have been published in National Geographic, nor have a PHD in environmental science. We are looking for people who love writing, can illustrate their prose with a few quality pictures, and are always on the lookout for the most eco-worthy spots. We want to hear from contributors who have a personal perspective on Conscious and Responsible Travel and care about sharing their stories with the community.



Here are some examples of topics that can be covered, but they are by no means exhaustive.

  1. The “Thinking Spot” section aims to address some of the moral and ethical dilemmas that conscious travellers face, as well as some interesting awakenings they’ve had on their journeys.
  • My first no-tech/low tech trip experience: no mobile phone nor/or camera.
  • Diary of a repressed boyfriend: what holidays feels like when you travel with an environment-obsessed partner (humorous piece)
  • My strategy to address sustainability matters with sustainably challenged tourism providers
  • This trip literally changed transformed me / changed my life
  • My voluntourism experience: when you realise you’ve actually been supporting children’s exploitation all along
  • I am a holiday planner maximiser
  • Why I have decided to travel to Kerala 3 months after the floods
  • My life as a plastic free traveller
  • How to make connections as an introvert solo traveller


  1. The “Destinations spotlight” section aims is where members share stories about countries, cities, places they have fallen in love with. Note that reviews of accommodation and experiences should be submitted in reviews instead.
  • I have visited Bhutan, the happiest nation on Earth
  • I have visited Paulau, 1 year after they introduced their sustainability pledge
  • Eco-lodges shouldn’t cost the earth


  1. In “journeying to spots” we publish stories that relate to transport. Of all kinds, from the naughtiest (think flight shame), to the most alternative (think canoe, tandem bike, cargo ships etc…). E.g.:
  • Mindful Travel: the steps towards matter as much as the destination
  • Review: I’ve tested for you: touring around Europe on Eurovelo routes
  • Sailing down the (ABC) river in canoe
  • Destinations I will never fly to anymore (I will take the train instead)
  • My London to Istanbul train journey


  1. Experiencing the spots” is all about … experiences:
  • Seeing Hands, the massage service empowering blind people in Cambodia
  • Ways to make hiking fun for kids (or lazy grown ups)
  • Geocaching: my ultimate parenting hack for our family vacation
  • The farm to table movement
  • How I coped a 3 weeks trip in steak-land Argentina, as a vegan



Written features:

  • Guidelines are 600-1200 words per feature. If the word count for your piece is below/over, feel free to enquire at features@mysitspot.com
  • Please submit at least 2 pictures (for which you own the rights), in landscape format (min and max size TBC). Contact features@mysitspot.com for upload instructions.

Sitspot also welcomes alternative formats, such as photo journals, poems, infographics, comic strips etc….

We ask that contributors also fill in a short profile form.



Try to come up with a catchy imaginative title. We are looking for personal points of views, stories that humanize events, that inspire, told through your unique lens. Think about why other members should care about your story. Explain why they might (ideally in your opening paragraph) to hook them, then move on to more of the nuts and bolts of the topic.

SitSpot is about positivity, optimism, curiosity, humility, creativity, respect and collaboration. It is not about depreciating some tourism providers nor other travellers. It’s not about green-bragging, and it’s not about pretending that we have it all figured out.

We welcome a diversity of styles, from deep, reflective, to light, witty and humoristic.




By submitting a feature to SitSpot, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. By submitting a contribution asset (including features articles, guides, reviews, photographs, biographies and videos) to SitSpot, you agree to grant SitSpot the licence to publish it on all Sitspot’s media channels, including SitSpot’s website, social channels, and newsletters. This licence is valid for 5 years from the date the asset is published.
  2. We (SitSpot) encourage contributors to submit original never published before assets. If we decide to publish the submitted original asset, Sitspot’s licence to publish it will be exclusive for 3 months, i.e. the asset can’t get published on any other website for the first 3 months from the date it is first published on SitSpot. You can publish it on your social channels though, and you are encouraged to reference SitSpot if you do.
  3. Unless you request for your contribution to remain anonymous or be published under an alias, SitSpot will endeavour to credit you.
  4. If you are submitting someone else’s pictures, do ensure that you obtain permission from the person who owns the right to that picture.
  5. We reserve the right to edit all features published on SitSpot so that it fits SitSpot’s editorial line and standards. We will endeavour to inform the contributor if the edits are deemed to significantly alter the contribution.
  6. A feature cannot be taken down by the contributor once it is live on SitSpot but may be removed if it has been agreed between us and the contributor.
  7. SitSpot does not pay contributors for submissions.
  8. Sitspot is not responsible for the views of anyone contributing on SitSpot. The views are the contributors’ own.
  9. Contributors must confirm that they agree to the above T&Cs by emailing features@mysitspot.com before submitting their contribution.